How Much Does Tree Planting Cost?

How Much Does Tree Planting Cost?

Tree planting will cost an average of $225 per tree. Smaller trees can cost as low as $106, with larger trees costing up to $2,423, according to HowMuch. The typical costs of planting a tree may vary based on type and size of the tree, labor rates and accessibility.

Tree Planting Costs

Here are the average costs for planting trees of all sizes:

  • Small-sized tree: Trees measuring between 4-6 feet tall in a 5-gallon pot will cost $106 to plant. This price includes transportation, site prep and necessary equipment.
  • Medium-sized tree: These trees will come with a planting cost of $225 per tree. Medium-sized trees are generally 8-10 feet tall in a 15-gallon pot.
  • Large-sized tree: Standing between 14-20 feet tall in a 1 cubic yard box, planting large trees will cost an average of $2,423 per tree.

Tree Planting Cost

Costs And Considerations

Electricity and utility companies may have the authority to stop any tree planting if it interferes with any overhead lines. Always check with local utility companies before planting any larger trees.

Use this guideline when shopping around for the best tree planting service provider:

  • Ask for proof of tree planting business license.
  • Professional arborist license.
  • Previous customer references.
  • Liability/workman’s compensation insurance.
  • Project timeline, including final payment date.

Additional information that should be provided before the project begins includes:

  • Registered as Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) accredited business.
  • Certification from the International Society of Arboriculture.
  • Valid contractor’s bond for work over $500.
  • Criminal background check on individuals working at your property.
  • Proper disposal of all tree limbs, debris, etc.

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