How To Cut Down A Small Tree

How To Cut Down A Small Tree

Cutting down a small tree requires safety, planning, research, and, of course, a chainsaw. Use our guide to cut down any smaller trees on your property.

Steps For Cutting Down A Small Tree

Always make safety your number one priority when performing this task! Follow these steps if you wish to cut down a small tree.

1. Use Proper Safety Equipment And Tool

For any tree cutting project, make sure you have eye and ear protection, plus a chainsaw. You should also consider wearing clothes that aren’t loose. Make sure the chainsaw is in good working condition after you have learned exactly how to properly use this tool.

2. Examine The Surrounding Area

Always be aware of exactly where you want the tree to fall. Figure out the direction of your cutting. If there are any homes, sheds, livestock or power lines near the tree, call a professional for the tree removal. Whichever direction you choose for the tree to fall to the ground, make sure you have clear lines to escape if things to do not go as planned. Plan to escape in the opposite direction of the tree’s descent, of course. Do this at a 45-degree angle. This should get you out of the danger zone.

3. Start By Cutting A Diagonal Line

The next step in the process is to make a 70-degree cut on the side of the tree which you are planning for it to fall on. Put the tree on your left side, bracing your left shoulder against the tree. Some chainsaws will feature a sight that tells you the angle you’ll be cutting at. The cut you make should be about a quarter of the tree’s total width.

4. Make A Relief Cut

A relief cut should be a horizontal cut at the deepest point of the cut you previously made. This means a triangle shaped cut will come out of the tree. This encourages the tree to fall in the desired direction. If your cut is not perfect, refrain from making any more cuts. Call a professional service at this point.

5. Fell The Tree

If you are absolutely sure the cut is facing the proper direction, you can take the next step. Felling the tree means you move to the opposite side of the wedge you’ve cut out. Start this cut slightly higher than the previous horizontal cut. Saw enough to drive a wedge into your cut, but not all the way through. You will want the wedge in, yet still have enough room to operate the chainsaw without ever touching the wedge. Leave nearly 10 percent of the center of the tree, which will help the tree stay secure on the stump. At this point, you can gently push the tree (using the 45-degree angle escape plan) or simply wait for the tree to fall.

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