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If you are searching for “Palm Tree Trimming“, “Palm Tree Trimming Near Me” in Scottsdale or Tempe AZ, Liberty Tree Experts can help!  If you would like to receive a free estimate or schedule palm tree trimming in Scottsdale or Tempe, give Liberty Tree Experts a call today at 480-482-9374.

Palm Tree Trimming Scottsdale & Tempe


Liberty Tree Experts offers affordable palm tree trimming in Scottsdale & Tempe with most detailed palm tree care and highest quality service. Palm trees are one of the most common trees you will find throughout Scottsdale, Arizona and sourounding cities.

All trees, including palm trees, offer more beauty when they are professional trimmed. Our palm tree trimming services ensures your palm trees stay looking great all year long. We can also help with protecting your palm trees from diseases, insect infestations as well as add the right nutrients to their soil to help them grown.

Residential Palm Tree Trimming

We offer residential palm tree trimming for homeowners who want to keep their trees looking beautiful all year long. We also offer residential palm tree removal services.

Commercial Palm Tree Trimming

We offer commercial palm tree trimming for business owners who want to keep their property looking professional. We also offer commercial palm tree removal services.

How Often Do Palm Trees Need To Be Trimmed?

According to HomeGuides, palm trees only need to be trimmed about once or twice per year depending on how fast the fronds die. They also mention that you don’t want to trim your palm tree too much to avoid killing the tree or allow pest to infest it. Once or twice a year is more than enough to keep the tree in healthy condition.

What Happens If I Don’t Trim My Palm Trees?

Dead palm tree fronds become a nuisance for passersby and the homeowner. The palm fronds can fall off over time and can cause injuries or accidents when doing so. Dead fronds that gather in your yard may harbor pest and are a fire hazard. Palm trees that have excessive dead palm fronds are also unattractive in a well maintained garden.

How Much Does Palm Tree Trimming Cost?

According to Phoenix Trim A Tree, palm tree trimming costs range around $75 to $400 for a 30-59′ palm trees and $200 to $1,200 for palm trees that are 60′ or taller. If you would like to know how much it would cost to trim your palm tree give us a call today to receive a free palm tree trimming quote from the professionals at Liberty Tree Experts.

Process Of Palm Tree Trimming

The process of palm tree trimming takes 4 steps to make sure the customer is satisfied and to keep our tree trimming experts safe.

Step 1. Assessment/Inspection Of Palm Tree

The first step includes inspecting the palm tree to ensure it is strong enough to climb and also be ready for any safety dangers our experts might experience while climbing the tree.

Step 2. Palm Tree Trimming Cost

We provide free quotes to let you know how much palm tree trimming costs.

Step 3. Trim The Palm Tree

After you accept our quote we start the palm tree trimming process.

Step 4. Cleanup Waste & Debris

After we trim the palm tree we begin the cleanup process of removing all debris and any waste from the residential or commercial property.

Why Palm Trees Need Trimming

It is perfectly natural for palm tree fronds to die and turn brown. Palm tree leaves or fronds die out as they grow larger and spread. Dying fronds need to be trimmed to make room for the new fronds that grow. The easiest way to tell if your fronds are dead or not is to look at their color. Dead ones will be brown and dying ones will be yellow to orange depending on how much life they have left. The darker the color the closer the frond is to dying.

Liberty Tree Experts can help trim dead fronds from your palm tree to allow for new fronds to grow. This keeps your palm tree looking nice all year long.

Not All Palm Trees Need Trimming

Although most palm trees need trimming not all palm trees are the same. For example the Veithchia, Royal Palm and Foxtail palm trees don’t need trimming. These palms will naturally shed their fronds as they die but can benefit from palm tree care to guard against insects and help the soil stay enriched. With the right soil, water and sun your palm trees will look better and grow larger.

Palm Tree Nutrients

Professional arborists understand that enriched soil is the #1 way to grow healthy palm trees. When you add the right amount of nutrients to your palm tree’s soil, it will look better and grow healthier. Also, adding mulch around the base of the palm tree helps it retain moisture on hot sunny days in Scottsdale, Arizona. We know the right type of soil your to bring your palm tree(s) back to life or continue healthy growth.

Reviews & Testimonials

Read our tree care reviews and testimonials written by satisfied customers of Liberty Tree Care in Scottsdale, Arizona.

They called me right back, gave me a great estimate, and completed the work on time! Great work. I will definitely use them again!
Tom WTree TrimmingMesa, Arizona

Free Palm Tree Trimming Quotes In Scottsdale & Tempe, Arizona

Scottsdale homeowners and business owners can enjoy beautifully trimmed palm trees in Scottsdale by hiring the palm tree trimming services of Liberty Tree Care. We can remove the dead fronds from your palm trees and ensure the soil has enough nutrients the tree needs to grow healthy and prevent insect infestation. If you are having problems with dying palm trees or the leaves are turning brown, it is time to hire an expert to trim your palm trees or bring them back to life.

Receive a free estimate or schedule palm tree trimming in Scottsdale or Tempe by giving Liberty Tree Experts a call today at 480-482-9374.

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