How To Save A Dying Cactus

How To Save A Dying Cactus

If you are searching online for “how to save a dying cactus” or “how to revive a plant,” then this post is for you! These are six simple steps to help bring your cactus back to life.

Steps To Save A Dying Cactus

  1. Cut off rotting parts
  2. Adjust watering patterns
  3. Change amount of daily sunlight
  4. Pest control
  5. Rinse off dust and dirt
  6. Use a low nitrogen fertilizer

Cut Off Rotting Parts

If you start to notice your cactus rotting away, it is generally a sign of overwatering. Any black or brown sections you find should be cut away immediately. It is then up to you if you want to re-pot the cactus or let the soil in the current pot dry out before watering the plant again. If you do decide to put your cactus in a new pot, make sure to mix one part peat and two parts garden soil with two parts coarse sand.

Adjust Watering Patterns

As mentioned, overwatering can be the main cause of any rotting of a cactus. It’s vital that the soil is completely dry before you water the plant. If, at any time the cacti looks wilted or wrinkled, you need to add water. Always pot your plant in an area where excess water can drain easily. Your watering patterns must be adjusted by season and temperature. Water the cacti once per week during the hotter months (indoors), while only adding water when the soil is completely dry during the cooler months of the year. Keep an eye on the moisture of the soil when you keep your cacti outdoors.

Change Amount Of Daily Sunlight

Where you place your cactus is very important. Based on this positioning, the plant could be receiving too little or too much sunlight altogether. If the cactus appears to be narrowing or rounding, it means more sunlight is needed. Move the plant to a spot where more sunlight is available throughout the day.

Pest Control

Another common cactus killer is the infestation of pests and insects. These pests can cause the cactus to become a shade of yellow. Spider mites and mealybugs are the two agents that will cause the most harm to the cacti. The good news is you can purchase solutions to keep these pests away at your local nursery. Spider mites, which are tiny red spiders, can typically be taken care of with rubbing alcohol.

Rinse Off Dust And Dirt

Dust and dirt covering a cactus prevents sunlight from reaching your valuable plant. Running a soft sponge or rag to rinse off the dust will usually do the trick. For some, running the faucet lightly over the cactus is the preferred method of cleansing. Use a hose to rinse off the cactus, if planted outdoors.

Use A Low Nitrogen Fertilizer

The start of the “growing season” is generally in March. Use fertilizer for your cactus at this time. Fertilizer will come mixed with different ratios. Choose the solution where nitrogen is rated at 10. This is the perfect amount of nitrogen for your cacti. Avoid using any soil mixture with an excess of nitrogen.

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