How Deep Are Palm Tree Roots

How Deep Are Palm Tree Roots?

Palm tree roots are not considered deep, as they typically go only three-feet deep into the ground. In some cases, palm tree roots will even grove above ground.

Palm Tree Roots Guide

The root systems are vital for these trees to survive and thrive. Whenever the palm tree grows, the area going into the ground is called the initiation zone. The roots begin to form in this area. Roots are typically very fine, sprawling horizontally in order to form a root ball. More roots then start to develop from the root ball.

The roots will consistently spread horizontally to get as much moisture and nutrients as possible. These horizontal root systems are in place to anchor the trees to the ground. This system will come in handy when trees must deal with a variety of inclement weather conditions.

Palm Tree Roots Grow Horizontally

Palm tree roots prefer to grow horizontally rather than growing straight down like most tree roots. These roots will spread out within the topsoil area, limited to about 12-36 inches deep. Roots spread far away from the tree trunk to absorb as much water and nutrients as possible.

If you plan to plant some large tree cultivars, then it’s recommended to keep them at least 11 feet apart and away from any underground drainage pipes.

The Root Ball

While not growing as large as the tree itself, the root ball will keep the same circumference even as it grows larger. The root ball forms as the roots expand horizontally away from the trunk. Short palms that measure 16 feet will feature a 24-inch ball diameter.

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