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18 Aug 2022

Stump Grinding Cost 2022

Stump Grinding Cost

It’s about time you had your diseased ash tree cut down –– but now it’s just a stump making your landscaping look horrible. How much is grinding down your stump going to cost?

Stump grinding costs range from $158 and $450, with most homeowners dishing out an average of $304 in 2022. A significantly large stump could have you paying as much as $533.

A lot of factors can impact the overall cost, such as the size of the stump, project completion timeline, and stump type. And whereas you may want to go the DIY stump grinding route to save a couple of bucks, it could be cheaper, and safer, to hire a professional in a lot of cases.

How Much Does Stump Grinding Cost?

  • Typical Price Range: $158 to $450
  • National Average Cost: $304
  • Extreme High End: $533

These national averages could help you anticipate how much grinding down your tree stump is going to cost you. Don’t forget that factors such as soil conditions, number of stumps, and hourly rates are going to impact your final bill.

Cost Estimate by Stump Size

Many companies bill for stump grinding based on the stump’s diameter. The average cost ranges from $2 to $3.50 each inch.

If your tree service company bills $3 each inch, and your stump has a 20-inch diameter, that would amount to about $60. Nevertheless, a lot of companies have a minimum charge of $100 for covering travel expenses and other costs.

Other Factors That Impact Cost

Whereas the size of the stump usually plays a big part in your final bill, there are a plethora of other factors that can impact the cost. The number of stumps you need grinding down, the time it takes to finish the project, and removal of the leftover debris all can increase the cost.

Stump Type

Hardwoods like oak or ash are typically more dense than softwoods like ponderosa pine and palm, making them difficult to grind.

Some tree care professionals might bill a flat stump grinding fee for each inch, irrespective of the type of wood. Other professionals might increase their rates when they find a certain stump difficult to grind.

When your stumps are hardwoods and the professional you hire charges by the hour, costs are going to increase if the challenging stump type increases labor time.


A lot of tree service companies provide a reduced rate when you have one or more stump to grind. They are going to usually bill full price for your first stump and then around $35 to $63 per each added stump.

Own a considerable piece of land teeming with tree stumps that require grinding? Hiring a professional that bills by the hour rather than per stump might be the most budget-friendly option. On average, tree care professionals are going to bill $150 each hour for stump grinding.

When you only need to grind a couple stumps, an hourly pay rate might not be ideal.

Completion Time

Difficult stump grinding projects might increase the labor time. Factor’s such as the stump’s location, landscape, or the soil’s condition may impact the professional’s capability to work within the expected time period. Many professionals might bill their hourly rate when cases such as these delay their work.


Don’t be shocked if your landscaping runs up your bill. Why? Since rocks, slopes, and inclines can make a stump grinding project challenging.

If your soil conditions are rocky, professionals take a chance of damaging or degrading their equipment when they grind your stump(s). Many professional stump grinders might bill an additional fee when the soil type creates a threat to their equipment.

As previously mentioned, difficult landscaping can hinder a tree professional’s work, making them bill their average hourly rate of $150 each hour. Slopes, inclines, and difficult accessibility can all turn stump grinding into a longer project.

Debris Removal

Following the stump being ground, the indentation left in your property is full of mulch. You might want to leave the mulch there for keeping the hole filled, or you might wish to use the mulch for your flower bed or landscaping.

When you want the mulch taken out, it’s going to be extra cost. Nearly all tree services companies don’t include detritus removal with stump grinding.

Detritus removal costs usually are around $2 to $4 each inch of the stump. Many companies might bill a flat fee for detritus removal, despite the size of the stump.

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