Arizona Shade Trees That Don't Shed

Arizona Shade Trees That Don’t Shed

Arizona summers come with extreme heat and daily sunshine. So, how can you give your yard and home an escape from the non-stop sunshine?

If you are currently searching for “arizona shade trees that dont shed“, this article is for you! Consider planting some of the following shade trees that will save you from constantly cleaning and skimming.

Palo Verde

Palo Verde trees can be seen all across the valley and they stand out due to how green they appear throughout the year. Every part of the tree is green, from the trunk all the way up to the branches. Another pro is the fact that these trees are some of the most drought-tolerant plants in the desert. Palo Verdes need no supplemental water supply to live and flourish. If any extreme drought occurs, the leaves can be shed, but they are extremely small, so the workload will not be overwhelming to any homeowners.

Arizona Cypress

This drought-tolerant cypress tree is native to the southwestern U.S. so it is very used to surviving the hot Arizona summers. This tree is commonly chosen by homeowners for various reasons. The Cypress tree does not shed a lot, it provides shade, breaks up wind patterns and it can also be used as a Christmas tree. Growing approximately 18 inches per year, the Cypress can reach heights up to 50-feet tall. Direct sunlight for at least six hours a day will suffice.

Arizona Rosewood

Enjoy the beauty provided by trees in your backyard but are tired of skimming the pool for leaves? The Arizona Rosewood serves the best of both worlds. The Rosewood will not grow too large, so you’ll never have to worry about it growing over property lines. Reaching a height of about 10 feet, the Rosewood will also provide a present in the spring season: growing small white flowers.

Willow Acacia

The Willow Acacia is an Australian tree that has made a home providing shade in southern Arizona. This tree tends to grow fast and narrow, perfect for homeowners without a ton of space in their yard. Willows will grow to a maximum height of 30 feet, and just like Rosewoods they will produce beautiful flowers in the spring.


Ironwood trees grow exclusively in the Sonoran Desert, so these plants know how to flourish in Arizona. In fact, these trees are some of the oldest found in the desert, surviving for the last 1,200 years! Lavender flowers will spring from the trees as soon as the weather warms up. They can stand anywhere from 25 – 45-feet tall.

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