If you are searching for “is my palm tree dead” or “how to bring a dead palm tree back to life,” then Liberty Tree Experts is here to help! There are many warning signs you must look for when diagnosing the impending death of your precious palm trees. Read on to learn about the warning signs and what you can do to bring the tree back to life.

Is My Palm Tree Dead?

Here are a few signs of a dead/dying palm tree:

  • Wilting or discolored palms
  • Out of nutrients
  • Constant pests in the area

One of the first signs that your tree is dying is when you begin to notice drooping or yellowing leaves. This problem generally stems from the soil. Davey recommends checking the soil to make sure no major nutrients are lacking. Proper moisture and fertilizer levels must be monitored, as too little or too much fertilizer can harm the tree. Refrain from removing the discolored fronds. Doing so could stunt the growth of the younger leaves.

There are a variety of pests that tend to bother palm trees, including insects, palm aphids, spider mites, caterpillars and mealybugs. Inspect your tree regularly for any pests that could create potential issues. Potassium, manganese and magnesium deficiency can cause the tree to die, as well. The best way to ensure this does not happen is to inspect the soil.

How To Save Dying Palm Tree

Follow these six steps to bring your palm tree back to life:

  • Increase or decrease sunlight exposure
  • Replace nutrients
  • Add proper amount of water
  • Use a higher-quality fertilizer
  • Only cut off fronds after they are dead
  • No pruning during hurricane season

If left in direct and overbearing sunlight, it is possible for the palm tree to become sunburned. Conversely, not enough sunlight can turn the leaves an unwanted shade of brown. Find the balance between these two and position your palm in the best spot possible for optimal sunlight exposure. Making sure your tree has the proper amount of calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium is essential to its healthy life. Spots on leaves, deformations and discolorations are all signs of some sort of deficiency.

Just like sunlight, be careful not to give your palm too much or too little water. Too much watering will cause the fronds to start turning either yellow or brown. A lack of water could lead to the same discoloration, as well. If you notice any deficiencies, perhaps the simple solution is to upgrade your fertilizer. High-quality fertilizer will help your palm grow and develop properly. Do not cut any leaves after you first notice the brown coloring. Cutting too soon can result in the loss of valuable nutrients. Wait until the leaves are completely dead before cutting them off. By removing fronds during hurricane season, you are adding more stress to your palm. These fronds actually can provide protection from the wind during hurricane season.

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