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Should I Skin My Palm Trees?

Throughout a palm tree’s lifespan, it will require very little maintenance. However, if you are searching for “palm tree skinning“, this is one maintenance necessity to preserve the overall health of the tree.

You should skin your palm trees once per year.

Why Should I Skin My Palm Trees

One of the main reasons most homeowners skin their palm trees is because of appearance. But doing so is vital to the tree’s health. Skinning palm trees will help you rid the plants of any harmful agents. Rodents and many species of bugs will often use dead fronds as a place to rest. Skinning these trees will drastically cut down on the amount of pests in the tree and your area.

Dead fronds can still take up nutrients that should go elsewhere, used to improve the health of living fronds. Fronds can certainly be a headache for some homeowners since they often fall from the trees. Cut down on any lawn cleanup by skinning your palm tree just once each year.

Palm Tree Skinning Dangers

Skinning a palm tree will come with a few risks during the process. The risks involved with trimming are one reason why a professional tree trimmer should be hired with this task. DIY trimmers face risks associated with ladder safety and remaining steady at high heights. Falling from high up is the biggest risk with palm tree skinning.

When the palm is hurt or cut, dead fronds will act as an open wound on the tree. Open wounds can, of course, then become infected. Sometimes, the reason for this could be using unsanitary trimming equipment for the job. Sanitizing all equipment before the skinning is a necessity. Always be careful not to cut too far deep. Cutting too deep can leave scars on the palm trees.

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