How Fast Do Palm Trees Grow?

How Fast Do Palm Trees Grow?

There are many differing rates at which a palm tree will grow, depending on the species. For example, some palms will grow up to four-feet per year, while others may only reach a maximum height of five feet.

Palm Tree Growth Factors

The following factors will affect the growth rate of your palm trees:

  • Fertilization
  • Watering
  • Location
  • Pruning
  • Irrigation
  • Shade

These variables will all be different depending on the species of palm you desire. Always check with your local tree experts to see which type of palm is best for your property.

King Palms

The King Palm grows at a rapid rate. Soil with good moisture and lots of available nutrients will only expedite this process. Growing almost two-feet per year, the Queen Palm will grow at a quicker rate. Potting the plant in a spot where it gets only a small amount of shade will help it grow faster.

Queen Palms

Queen Palms should grow at a rate of two-feet per year. A Queen Palm plant should give you a 25-foot Queen Palm in just about 10 years time. This is a fairly high-speed growth process.

Foxtail Palms

The Foxtail Palm is considered a fast-growing palm tree. Under ideal conditions, this tree can grow up to three-feet per year, and reach a height of 30-feet in 10 years. The Foxtail Palm has a deep root stem feature that allows it to withstand even harsh drought conditions.

Mediterranean Palms

If you are looking to purchase a slow-growing palm tree, then a Mediterranean Palm could be right for you. Growing around six-inches per year, the Mediterranean won’t reach full maturity of 20 feet for a long time. These trees make a nice addition to a front or backyard, as they will visually make your property stand out.

Mexican Fan Palms

Mexican Fan Palms will grow quicker than most other palms. This is one of Arizona’s most popular choices, growing anywhere from 70 to 100-feet tall. The trees will grow up to 4-feet per year, and generally become too large for most residential properties. You are more likely to see these palms in public spaces, such as commercial properties or parks.

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