Avocado Trees In Arizona

Avocado Trees In Arizona

Is it possible to grow avocado trees in Arizona? Yes, it is!

This post will cover:

  • Best avocado trees for Arizona’s climate.
  • Best site to plant the trees.
  • How to plant avocado trees.
  • Watering the avocado trees.
  • Fertilizing the avocado trees.
  • Pest control.

Best Types Of Avocado Trees In Arizona

There is a wide variety of avocado trees, but some will do better in different climates. With the extreme heat of the Arizona desert, choosing the right avocado tree is crucial. Mexican and Guatemalan avocado trees tend to do the best in the valley of the sun.

Avocado Tree Site Selection

This pertains to where you plan on planting your avocado tree. Choose an area that is protected from the wind and has fast draining soil. This means a sandy soil type is better equipped for avocado trees than clay. Make sure to prep the soil in the area before planting the tree. Mix in some compost to ensure available nutrients. The should end up being half sand and half compost.

Plant the tree in an area that receives sunlight in the morning and shade in the evening. Avocado trees do not enjoy being exposed to harsh sunlight during the hottest parts of the day in the afternoon. Try to plant your tree on the east side of your lawn.

Avocado Tree

Planting Avocado Trees

To properly plant an avocado tree, dig a hole 2 to 3 times the width of the container and the same depth. Before placing the tree in the hole, saturate the hole with water and wait for the water to drain completely. After the water has drained, you can now place the avocado tree in the hole.

Gently pack in the mixed soil, compost and sand around the root ball. Next, create a little berm or moat of raised soil surrounding the base of the plant with soil and fill it with water. This should be about 4 inches high, which helps contain the water so it can be delivered to the root ball.

Watering Avocado Trees

During the growing months (mainly spring), you will need to give the tree a good soaking at least once a month. The hotter months will call for a good soaking twice a month. Then, you will need to irrigate the avocado tree for a few hours to push the salt away from the root ball.

Fertilizing Avocado Trees

Standard fertilizers with salt or sodium should NOT be used for avocado trees. These ingredients can harm the tree’s growth. It is recommended to use fish emulsion at least once during the growing season. Fish fertilizers are safe and typically available at local nurseries.

Avocado Tree Pest Control

Thankfully, avocado trees do not have any natural pests since they are not native to Arizona. Check with your local nursery if your tree is encountering any sort of unexpected pest issues.


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