All You Need To Know About Fruit Trees In Arizona

All You Need To Know About Fruit Trees In Arizona

Arizona’s climate is ideal for growing a variety of fruit trees for the entire year. This post will cover a variety of topics related to fruit trees, including varieties, trees, climate factors and pollination.

Fruit Tree Varieties

It is certainly possible for one type of fruit to grow well in the desert climate while another fruit may never develop properly. It is undeniably beneficial to do research beforehand to know which fruit type will thrive in the valley of the sun. Producing the fruit can be pretty easy if simple Botanics are applied to the specific variety.

Selecting Fruit Trees

The best fruit trees are the ones that have a low chill requirement and great pollination, especially in southern Arizona. Deciduous fruit trees, for instance, will lose their leaves come winter. Examples of these will include:

  • Apples
  • Apricots
  • Peaches
  • Pecans
  • Plums

Climate Factors

Of course, a fruit tree could fail to grow if the prevailing environmental conditions are not favorable. It is very tough to correct any mistakes once the tree has been planted. Selecting the right tree, with conditions factored in, is vital.


If you want to produce fruit, pollen from the male parts of a flower must be transferred to the female portion. This makes fertilization a reality. Some fruit trees are self-fruitful, which means only a single tree needs to be planted in order to produce fruit. Some fruit trees, though, will require the presence of a second supporting tree. This allows for cross-pollination to occur.

Fruits That Thrive In Arizona

Here are a few fruit trees that grow very well in southern Arizona:

  • Santa Rosa Plum
  • Satsuma Japanese Plum
  • Gold Kist Apricot
  • Katy Apricot
  • Dorsett Golden Apple
  • Ana Golden Apple
  • Orient Pear
  • Leconte Pear
  • Flordahome Pear
  • Castlebrite Apricot
  • Flordaprince Peach

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