What Is Tree Pruning

What Is Tree Pruning?

Tree pruning is defined as a horticultural practice comprising of the selective removal of various parts of tree. These parts can include branches, buds or roots.

Why Prune Your Trees?

Since each cut can alter the overall growth of  the tree, no branch should be removed without reason. Typical reasons for pruning are the removal of dead branches, enhancing form or simply reducing the risk of falling branches. It is possible to prune trees to let in more sunlight and air penetration to the tree’s crown. In some cases, mature trees are pruned as preventive steps.

When To Prune Your Trees

Most regular pruning practices can be performed during any time of the year without much impact on the tree itself. Generally, wound closure and growth can be increased if pruning is done before the spring growth flush. Trees diseases, such as oak wilt, may develop when pruning wounds provide access to pathogens. Refrain from pruning any vulnerable trees.

Pruning Your Trees

Proper pruning is crucial towards developing a healthy tree with a robust structure. Trees receiving proper pruning measures while they are young will require less corrective pruning as they age. It is a must to create a sturdy structure of primary branches in younger years. Properly trained young trees should develop a strong structure with less corrective pruning needs as time goes on. For a lot of young trees, it’s suggested to keep a single dominant leader constantly growing upwards.

Pruning Palms

Most pruning is performed on palm trees to remove dead or dying fronds, flowers or fruiting clusters. On average, pruning is typically done about twice per year on a palm. Coconuts, for instance, can be pruned every 3-4 months. This minimizes the dangers of falling coconuts. Green fronds growing on palm trees should remain untouched. Pruning palms too often can result in attracting more pests and a slower growth rate.

Pruning Techniques

Different types of pruning may be necessary to manage certain trees. There are four pruning techniques listed below:

  • Cleaning: This involves removing dead or dying branches from the crown of the tree.
  • Thinning: This is a selective branch removal used to improve the tree’s strength and light/air intake.
  • Raising: Raising is removing lower branches from a tree, allowing clearance for people, vehicles, etc.
  • Reduction: This is done to reduce the overall size of the tree. Reduction can be done by pruning back the tree leaders and branch ends.

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