What Are Palm Fronds

What Is A Palm Frond?

If you are interested in learning about palm fronds, this article will go over care, lifespan and how to dispose of these leaves.

What Are Palm Fronds?

Essentially, palm fronds are the leaves of the tree. These fronds will stay green year-round, unlike the leaves of deciduous trees that drop off in the fall. Palm fronds perform photosynthesis, providing necessary nutrients for the tree’s survival. Fronds will come in many different shapes and sizes, living up to five years, on average.

How To Care For Palm Fronds

Palm fronds do not generally require any sort of specialized care. Fronds will age naturally, growing brown over time. Refrain from cutting the frond off until it is completely brown.

Call a professional tree service if you believe the fronds to be diseased. Professionals can best assess when the time is right for removal. Do not remove any fronds prior to hurricane season, though, as the tree can sustain more damage when fronds are removed before any inclement weather.

How To Dispose Of Palm Fronds

Fallen fronds can be several feet long, which do not decompose easily. It’s recommended to run the fallen fronds through a wood chipper prior to letting them decompose entirely. Even with the help of a chipper, this process will take a long time to complete. Contact a professional service if you need any help disposing of the fronds.

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