Arizona Ash Tree Growth Rate

Arizona Ash Tree Growth Rate

Classified as moderately fast growing, trees of the Ash species can grow between 18-25 feet in a decade. What can you do to ensure your Ash tree grows at this rate in Arizona?

Average Ash Tree Growth Rate

While most species will grow anywhere from 18-25 feet in a decade, as mentioned above, other species like European ash will grow at a slower rate. Typically, European ash trees will grow to a maximum height of 18 inches after a decade. Most Ash species will grow approximately 2 feet per year for the first part of their life when planted as ornamentals. These trees may grow slower when planted in a row with other trees.

These fast-growing trees are usually grown for timber and firewood due to their dense wood and short maturity time. Ash trees also make great ornamental specimens in sunny areas, featuring moist and well-drained soil. The growing speed of each tree will heavily depend on species and surrounding conditions.

Natural Germination Time

Members of the Ash genus will produce winged seed pods referred to as keys. These pods will typically ripen in early to mid fall. The seeds will not become viable until after they have been soaked and exposed to cool/cold temperatures. Most ash seeds will take at least 18 months to germinate if kept wet, in most cases. The pods will remain viable for up to 6 years as long as conditions remain favorable.

Seed Stratification

There is one trick to speeding up the ash seed growth: stratify the seeds in the refrigerator. This process will involve placing seeds in moist paper towels or sand, then leaving them in temperatures around 40 degrees Fahrenheit for 60-90 days. After stratification is complete, the seeds need to be placed in a spot where daytime temperatures hover around 85 degrees, and nighttime temperatures are closer to 70 degrees.

It is best to plant the seeds in the spring, if you live in southern Arizona. Seeds typically germinate within two months of stratification.

Time To Maturity

You must understand that not all Ash trees will reach maturity at the same time. Several factors, including sunlight and soil quality, can speed or slow growth time. On average, Ash trees can grow between 40-60 feet at maturity. Some species have been measured as tall as 80 feet at maturity. Growth to full maturity can take 16-60 years.

Growth Rate Vs Lifespan

These trees are commonly chosen by homeowners and new construction projects due to their growth speed. A high growth rate, though, can create more weak spots in the wood and can limit the tree’s lifespan. Ash trees can also lose limbs easily due to high winds.

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