How To Wrap A Palm Tree With Christmas Lights

How To Wrap A Palm Tree With Christmas Lights

Even if you live in southern Arizona without any chance of snow, you can still get in the Christmas spirit. One of the best ways to gear up for the holidays is by wrapping your palm tree with Christmas lights. This can be a difficult task, though, so it needs to be approached with care and safety in mind.

If you are searching for “how to wrap a palm tree with Christmas lights“, follow these five steps:

Use Proper Christmas Lights

Find brown cords for the light strands before wrapping the palm tree. This will help hide the wires and make the lights stand out even more. When you use LED lights, it will cut down on the power consumption and glow without adding excessive heat. LED lights are the safer and more energy-efficient option. Many people who wrap palm trees choose to use different colors of lights at the top and in the fronds. Make sure to read the light packaging and check to see if they are rated for outdoor use. You may need more strands than first thought, depending on both the height and width of the palm.

Wrapping The Palm Tree

Make coiled balls of the light strands in order to make them easier to handle with care. You should be able to let them unwind as you make your way around the tree. Use a light duty staple gun to secure the lights in place if they start slipping. Straddle the wire and refrain from shooting through it with the staple gun. Always use the staple gun with care, as this can become a fire hazard if not used properly. Make sure to use a ladder for hanging on higher areas of the tree.

Lighting Fronds

After you have hung all the lights onto the trunk, you need to decide if you plan on decorating the leaves and fronds at the top. Decorating the fronds can be a difficult task, at times. If you do decide to decorate the fronds, you can run a look of the lights down a frond. Secure them in place with twist ties. Light the fronds closest to you to ensure safety.

Add Power

While simply running an extension cord to the tree from the house may seem logical, you must first make sure the cord is rated for outdoor use. These cords will be rated for inclement weather, including rain and snow.

Safety First

Your safety is paramount when it comes to this task. Follow these tips to make sure you stay safe while lighting your palm tree:

  • Do not staple the strands too much. Try to use as few staples as possible, only if the strands are slipping.
  • Use outdoor lights and outdoor cords. Electricity can be a dangerous power source, and it needs to be respected.
  • Do not handle strands that are plugged in. These lights can be very hot and lead to a serious shock.

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